90 – 91 # 9 Dave Chyzowski


  • Blue
  • CCM Airknit, 54 written on Maska Airknit Tag in collar
  • 1990 – 91 Season (possibly also worn 89 – 90 in his Rookie Season)
  • Neat Nameplate: The nameplate has a typo correction. CH has a very carefully Y joined to Zowski. Likely it was spelled initially with an ‘I” and they did the replacement of just that letter to fix it, see photos
  • This fight clip, if stopped at the 50 second mark, looks like this nameplate: Mark Hardy vs Dave Chyzowski & Mark Janssens vs Joe Reekie – YouTube
  • small board burn hole right shoulder, pilling at sleeve ends, wear and stick marks on the jersey

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